Grain Stores

Grain Stores are classed as Agricultural Buildings but require a more advanced specification and design to ensure they can hold large amounts of Grain at one time. We work to a very high specification when it comes to Grain Stores due to the high pressure and weight of the grain, which will eventually buckle the building and cause it to collapse if the incorrect steel sizes and structural design are used.

Due to the vast quanitiy of Grain Stores we produce a year, we can advise you on the most affordable way of designing your building and recommending the best types of cladding, sizes and wall thicknesses for the building.

All our buildings are designed in accordance with the BS5502 class 2 specification.

We can also provide Grain & Silage Concrete Panels to suit the building and give you your desired height of wall. Our panels are competitively priced and usually 160mm thick which is very sufficient for a Grain Store.

We have Grain Stores throughout the UK.

  • Dorest
  • London
  • Cornwall
  • Scotland
  • Devon
  • East Anglia