Our Factory

We have constructed our own Factory to suit our needs and ensure that we provide safe and top quality product for ourselves, as well as the customer. The main Factory is run by our Foreman: Jerry Clarke, who has many years experience in this position and has also worked with us for a long time now. We have many Fabricators who work with us and they all work to produce excellent standards, and pull together as a great team. Our team interacts well as we believe communication is the key to success.

The Factories are designed to an industrial specification with advanced machinery and high quality products. We ensure that all the Fabricators have a safe and spacious environment to work in;  we like to think if they are happy then they will work to the best of their ability.

We have the ability to cut, punch and fabricate steel in-house to suit your requirements. We can also galvanize steel and deliver it to many locations throughout the UK.